Guide for car shipping

Guide for first time car shipping in the United States 

When preparing to ship your vehicle across the country, it’s important to choose the best car shipping company. There are many companies that offer this service, so sifting through them can take a lot of time and could lead to a lot of frustration if you choose incorrectly—after all, you’re entrusting one of your most valuable investments into the hands of a company that you’ve never dealt with before. In this article, we hope to offer you some guidance on how to choose the best vehicle shipping company. 

Before researching, make a list of services that you need from the company. These could be things like enclosed shipping to protect your vehicle because it’s highly valuable or has low ground clearance, door service to save you the hassle of driving to or from a terminal.

Once you’ve made your list and have narrowed down your selection of companies, spend some time and find out 

  • Credibility and Capability – You will want to ensure that the car shipping company has a history of successfully shipping cars across the country. Ensuring they are not fly by night shipper who have acquired a truck and are making a go of it is important. After all, a vehicle is an asset and getting it safely and securely to its destination requires care.
  • Safety Pickup and Drop off – Ensuring your car can be picked up and dropped off with limited contact is a good safety measure. Drop-off and pickup through door-to-door is ideal but there are cost savings if you prefer dropping it off and picking it up at a terminal. Sign-off on delivery can be done straight from your phone too. You want your car to get from Point A to Point B in the time established. No company can guarantee a delivery time due to unforeseen road and weather hazards, but they can be approximate and update you should an incident create delays.  Furthermore, you want to be certain that your car is going to be well cared for along the way so ensuring that your vehicle is covered for any unforeseen damages is important. Of course, that also requires that you respect guidelines around removing personal belongings which any good car shipping
  • Pricing Competitively pricing a car shipping company is important. Pricing is a variable based on the size of your vehicle, the destination you are shipping it to, and whether or not you are crossing the border. For example, shipping an SUV from Washington to Florida will certainly cost more than sending a mid-size or compact car between Arizona and California.

Once you’ve made your decision and selected a car shipping company, simply complete a request form on the company website or give them a call to receive a personalized quote. Once completed and details are confirmed,

The company will arrange pickup and drop-off based on your preferences and your vehicle will be loaded typically onto a multilevel trailer that holds 5-10 cars. Remember to remove personal items from inside your vehicle, as they are not covered by insurance. Also leave at least a quarter of a tank of gas for use during the loading and unloading of your vehicle.

Why choose AAS

For years AAS has provided reliable, honest, and on-time delivery car shipping across the US. AAS provides thorough inspection of each vehicle at the time of pick-up as well as upon delivery. All vehicles are insured during transport including at designated terminals, so when you ship your car with AAS, you know it’s safe and secure. Contact AAS today to find out more about their car shipping services and to receive you personalized quote.

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